atmko9: aerotestra's mapping uas


We’ve carefully created the ATMK09 aerial mapping system to meet your survey operation's needs. It’s ideal for applications such as:

  • Precision Aerial Topographic Survey
  • Construction site monitoring
  • Stockpile Volume Measurements
  • Environmental Change Monitoring
  • Agricultural Survey
  • Search and Rescue
  • Natural Disaster Assessment 

Engineered to operate in the "real world"

One of the obvious design requirement for UAS in use ingress protection against environmental conditions like wind and rain. 
Our proprietary "thin shell" design protects all critical system components and sensors from precipitation while the aerodynamic hull design and adaptive autopilot system can maintain position or accurate navigation in winds in excess of 25 knots. 



A complete centimeter level,  topographic , aerial mapping system

system includes:

  • ATMK09 680 mm multi-rotor sUAV
  • Futaba T8J 8 Channel 2.4gHz radio transmitter
  • Sony ILCE-QX 1 Interchangable lens 20.2 mp camera
  • AC/DC 4 port battery charger
  • RFD 900 Long Range Telemetry Radio (Ground Unit)

All system components are organized in a custom fitted injection molded waterproof case that conforms to mil-standard(MIL-C-4150J).

Case complies with TSA regulations for standard size and weight. Batteries should be removed and carried in our custom fitted battery transport cases.