Georectified Orthophotos using aerial imagery collected from the high resolution camera system can be processed into large scale,ultra high detail, aerial maps.  This reduces the need for manned aircraft operations were cost or project scale would be prohibitive. Export options include Geotiff, .jpeg, .png. .Kmz and .Kml for ArcGIS and other GIS applications among several others. 


Quality Sensors and Avionics We have identified the most effective equipment based on data quality, sensor form/weight, and cost. Understanding the data requirements and working back from there to develop a system that meets the expectations of the end user. The cameras are integrated with position stabilization and vibration isolation to ensure precise nadir or oblique images regardless of wind conditions.

The ATMK09 Aerial Mapping System provides a complete aircraft system and companion software to process aerial image data into DEMs, DSMs, contours, and point clouds with relatively high accuracy. Importing only a few ground control points over large areas can bring that accuracy down to <5cm in the X, Y, and Z planes.
Export formats include shape files, KMZ, and DXF to integrate into common survey workflows.

FAA certified Pilots

In addition to high quality equipment and training.  We can also provide pilots with Remote Pilot rating certified by the FAA. Our pilots are fully insured for commercial operations.